Honey From China And Turkey ‘Is Just Syrup With Some Added Honey’

An Italian beekeeper has launched a stinging attack on foreign competitors.

European apiarists have criticised for many years the alleged lack of determination among lawmakers regarding a tightening of honey quality regulations.

Beekeepers in Italy worry that they will face increasing difficulties in covering domestic demand for honey in the coming years due to erratic weather conditions and the relentless proliferation of the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina), an invasive species which kills honeybee colonies.

Illustrative image of a honey in jar, undated. (NewsX/Bee)

Now Gerardo Meridio, the head of the Venetian Beekeeping Association, expressed doubts regarding the authenticity of honey from Eastern Europe and non-EU countries.

The experienced beekeeper said: “Honey which has been imported from China, Turkey and Eastern Europe isn’t bee honey.”

He claimed: “It’s just sugar syrup with a small amount of added honey.“

Gerardo explained that beekeepers in Italy, which is one of the 10 leading producers of honey in Europe, had to invest between EUR 8 and 10 (GBP 6.80 to 8.50) into the production of one kilogramme of honey.

Speaking to the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper, he argued: “It’s therefore impossible to offer real honey for EUR 3.50 (GBP 3.00).”

Gerardo concluded that European Union decision-makers should compensate struggling apiarists the way they support farmers affected by crop shortfall.


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