Chinese Man Totally Unimpressed By Bee Swarm In His Car

This is the un-bee-lievable moment a Chinese motorist drives his car with a giant swarm of bees hanging above him.

The man – whose name has not been revealed – was filmed by a passenger with the swarm just a few centimetres from his head.

The two short clips obtained by NewsX were reportedly recorded in Huangshan, a mountain range in Anhui Province, eastern China.

The motorist has a broad smile on his face as he points at the group of thousands of pollinators that are gathered above the driver seat’s side window.

While some users of Chinese social media sites voiced their concerns regarding his safety, others underlined that bees were unlikely to attack humans without a reason.

Swarming is a natural process in the life of a honeybee colony, according to a renowned expert who also urged people to “stay back” and “keep a safe distance.”

Professor Emeritus Donald Lewis from Iowa State University in Ames in the United States said: “Swarming occurs when a large group of honeybees leaves an established colony and flies off to establish a new colony, essentially creating two from one.”

The activity is a response to crowding, he added.

The entomologist further explained: “Clusters usually remain stationary for an hour to a few days, depending on the weather and the time needed to find a new nest site by scouting bees.”

Prof Lewis also emphasised that swarms were normally posing no danger to humans.

Bees are unlikely to sting unless provoked if they are located far away from their offspring and food stores, he said.

Prof Lewis concluded: “Swarms are temporary and the bees will move on if you patiently ignore them. Stay back and keep others away from the swarm, but feel free to admire and appreciate the bees from a safe distance.”


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