Neurobiologist Has No Regrets About Becoming A Full-Time Beekeeper

A former lab researcher has revealed how beekeeping helped her find new strength and a purpose.

Claire Liauzun poses in an undated photo. Today, Claire and her husband Mario Pauwels, a former roofer, manage around 180 hives. (Claire Liauzun, NewsX/Bee)

Having gathered several years of work experience in France, Great Britain and Canada, Claire Liauzun – who specialised in neurobiology – decided to settle down in a small town in southwestern France and delve into apiculture.

Today, Claire and her husband Mario Pauwels, a former roofer, manage around 180 hives. Being based in the commune of Le Cuing, the pair sell their products at local markets.

“Our clients are satisfied and loyal,” Claire says with a broad smile on her face.

However, things were anything but certain.

Looking back on their beginnings, Claire concedes: “Some people told us we must be insane to launch a large-scale apiculture business without any experience.”

Nevertheless, Claire and Mario – who has always been fascinated by beekeeping as one of his childhood mates became a professional apiarist – simply refused to throw in the towel.

Reflecting on her drastic career direction change, Claire said: “I’ll always remember 2018 as a bleak year. As far as professional issues are concerned, it was an absolute disaster for both of us.”

Claire is now capable of seeing the positive effects all of this has had. She is convinced about having immensely benefited from her Master’s training, her rigour and from working on living organisms in the laboratory.

The passionate beekeeper underlines: “I absolutely do not regret my past, my studies.”

In her interview with NewsX, Claire revealed she was feeling “stronger and more ambitious” than ever.

Asked what all of us can do to protect the environment, Claire explained: “People should abstain from mowing your lawns to such an extreme extent. It’s also vital not to use any chemical substances. It all ends up in our soils and the groundwater.”

Having taken the bold decision to withdraw from their previous jobs in favour of producing honey, beeswax and propolis, Claire and Mario could not be happier today.

Claire concludes: “We might have been a bit crazy but we don’t regret anything!”


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