Hobbyist Gardeners Urged To Provide Bees With Water

Ecoconscious owners of gardens and balconies have been reminded of the importance of waterholes.

Illustrative image shows a bee on a flower, undated. (NewsX/Bee)

Experts from BUND, an independent German non-government organisation, said it was of great importance to provide the hundreds of solitary bees that inhabit Central Europe with water.

They said: “There are more than 550 solitary bee species in Germany. They play an indispensable role in our ecosystems. However, more than of them are endangered.”

While no ecological lifestyle guide would ever omit a list of beneficial flower types, some neglect the vital aspect of waterholes.

In their solitary bee support fact sheet, the BUND experts explained: “Choose a sunny spot which is protected from the wind. Place a cup filled with water there. You can put pebbles, corks or small wood fragments into it to provide the bees with a secure landing spot.”

The environmentalists explained: “Solitary bees do not just need water to quench their thirst. They also feed their breed and use it to build nesting pipes.”

They concluded: “Monocultural agriculture and the application of pesticides put solitary bees at risk. But everyone can do their part to support them, regardless of how small the available green area is.”


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