Ex-Miss Stung While Teaching Beauty Lesson

This is the moment a swarm of angry bees interrupted an Instagram live video by an ex-Miss Colombia and stung her on the lip while she was sharing beauty tips.

The clip shows the moment Miss Colombia 1991 and a year later Miss Universe finalist Paola Turbay, who lives in the Colombian capital of Bogota in the centre of the country, is stung by a bee during a live video with the Colombian soap-opera actress Manuela Gonzalez and her husband Pedro Vasco.

The 49-year-old actress and model is seen sharing beauty tips and advice on healthy eating when she suddenly finds herself surrounded by an army of threatening bees buzzing around her face.

Turbay is heard saying “These are the things I used” when she is seen jumping back and later moving around the room in pain having been stung.

Turbay is heard shouting in pain: “Son of b*tch! It stung me, ups sorry.”

Then the woman is seen shaking her hair where bees also seem to be flying and moving the camera away to a different location in a bid to get away from the buzzing insects.

Manuela Gonzales is heard saying to Turbay: “Pao, calm down, say goodbye and I will finish telling this to everyone, please.”

Then Pedro Vasco is heard saying: “The next post will not be about botox, it will be about the bee stings, do not confuse it with botox.”

Gonzalez jokingly says: “Like Nefertiri did”

In another clip, the Colombian miss shows her upper swollen lip and makes fun of the bees attack saying: “Look what happened to me for making fun of women who get lip fillers.”

Paola Turbay was born in the United States although her parents are from Colombia. After winning the Miss Colombia crown in 1991 she became a TV host during the nineties participating in Colombian shows including ‘QAP Noticias’, ‘Hola Paola’ and ‘Gente Corrida’.

She also studied acting in Florida in the United States and has stared in American series including True Blood (HBO) or The Mentalist (CBS).



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  • Literally, bee-stung lips. She handled it pretty well, and luckily, it appears that she’s not allergic to bees.

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