Schoolboy Is Youngest Beekeeper

This 15-year-old boy has become Romania’s youngest beekeeper and he has ambitious plans to treble the number of hives he currently cares for.

Rares Popovici, who lives in the commune of Tomesti in the western Romanian county of Timis, reportedly cares for 15 hives that he bought over time with his pocket money and plans to look after 50 in the near future.

The teen bought his first hive three years ago and every time he makes a little money, he uses it to buy more hives and bees.

The youngster spends every free moment keeping his bees.

Rares said: “My passion started when I only had one hive which I treated like a new hobby. Step by step, I increased the number of hives.

“When I bought my first hive, I didn’t even know what they looked like inside.

“I learned about beekeeping every day by reading and watching tutorials on the internet and I slowly picked it up.”

Romania’s youngest beekeeper explained that he has not collected large amounts of honey yet as he is mainly focussed on multiplying his hives.

The 15-year-old said that he wants to become a professional beekeeper and have his own business when he is older.

Rares said that he has so far invested around 15,000 RON (2,790 GBP) of his own money into his venture.

The boy’s father Florin Popovici said: “He was very excited the first time he got a hive. I help him out sometimes, but I’m scared of bees!”

He added: “I’m very proud of him.”



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