Woman’s Lip Looks Like Sausage After Bee Sting

This footage seen over 10 million times shows a holidaymaker stealing a piece of honeycomb and being stung by a bee leaving her top lip swollen like a “sausage”.

The unnamed woman, 29, documented the ordeal she went through during a trip to the countryside of Xiapu County, which is in the city of Ningde in East China’s Fujian Province.

In the footage, she can be seen filming herself as she bites on a piece of wild honeycomb, saying: “This is delicious!”

She had cut the piece of honeycomb from the hive while harvesting honey, she later revealed.

Moments later, a honeybee can be seen after it landed on her nose and stung her, and is seen struggling to free itself as the barbed sting
embeds in her skin.

The protective worker bee then leaves its stinger behind as the holidaymaker cries and her top lip begins to swell.

At the end, she is left with a huge top lip “like a sausage”, which lasted for several hours and she needed medical attention.

The blogger said it “hurt like hell” and that her mouth would “leak” whenever she tried to drink water.

Her body’s reaction to the bee sting was not thought to have been life-threatening.

She later admitted: “No bite of honey comes free. I’m terrified because my lip won’t stop swelling.

“That was a mistake!”



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