Beekeeping Boom Among Young People In Germany

More and more young people are launching their own beekeeping projects, according to a German expert.

Markus Lay is a board member of the Union of Saarland Apiarists in southwestern Germany.

Speaking to broadcaster ARD, Markus said the number of beekeepers was increasing.

However, statistics also confirm that their average age continues to drop.

Photo shows illustrative image of bees. More and more young people are launching their own beekeeping projects in Germany. (NewsX/Bee)

Markus explained: “Many young people got into beekeeping following the intense media coverage of topics such as the decline of bee populations.”

The Union of Saarland Apiarists official did not disclose precise figures regarding the average age of apiarists.

There are more than 149,000 beekeepers in Germany. The vast majority are leisure-time apiarists. In 2022, they managed nearly 990,000 colonies.

There were an estimated two million honeybee colonies in the country in 1950. A record-low figure was reported in 2010 when the Central European country’s apiaries featured not more than 750,000 colonies.

Germany is not self-sufficient concerning the production of honey. In 2022, the domestic per capita consumption ranged around 800 grammes.

Markus identified cheap imported honey featuring sugar syrup and the invasion of the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina) – a dangerous predator which attacks hives – as two of German beekeepers’ most urgent current concerns.

Figures show that bad weather conditions and the spreading of hive diseases pushed the average annual production of honey per colony to 19.2 kilogrammes in 2021.

Markus vehemently rejected speculation that beekeeping was a lucrative activity.

He told the ARD: “If we would want to ensure that our expenses are covered, one jar of honey would cost 20 Euros.”


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