Elderly Couple Dies After Bee Swarm Assault

A Brazilian couple has passed away after being attacked by a swarm of bees.

Enoque Serafim de Sousa, 82, and his 72-year-old wife Rita Ursula de Sousa, were on their way to their allotment in Jacobina do Piaui, a small town in the northeast, when the thousands of insects assaulted them.

Enoque died instantly. His wife was taken to a clinic before being transferred to another medical institution where she passed away the following day.

Tamires Silva is their daughter-in-law. She told local newspapers: “My husband and I were at our company which is next door. We heard voices screaming for help so we immediately went to find out what was going on.”

Picture shows the couple Enoque Serafim de Sousa and Rita Ursula de Sousa, undated. They passed away after being attacked by a swarm of bees in the municipality of Jacobina do Piau, Brazil. (NewsX/Bee)

Tamires added: “Rita was still alive. She asked her son to help his father.”

An expert on apiculture was called in to remove the swarm.

Earlier this year, a Brazilian suffered a fatal allergic reaction after swallowing a bee while cycling.

Waldonilton de Andrade Reis, 43, was part of a group of cyclists who were riding near the beach of Ponta Negra in the Amazonas state when the insect flew into his mouth.

It is understood that the pollinator’s sting caused an anaphylactic shock.

Meanwhile, two dogs kept in a fenced patio died after being targeted by a bee swarm of bees in McAllen, a city in the US State of Texas.

City authorities had to obtain a warrant after the owner of the property where the hive had been located did not want to let them in.

Swarm removal experts covered up the beehive with foam before removing it. McAllen officials did not disclose whether the homeowner faces charges.


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