Boy Stung To Death When Beehive Fell On His Head

This teenage boy has tragically died after a beehive fell on his head when he took shelter under a tree during a windstorm and was attacked by angry bees that stung him repeatedly.

Felipe Silva do Rosario was killed in the freak accident that took place in the Brazilian municipality of Santos during a windstorm caused by an extratropical cyclone passing through the area on 22nd May.

He was on his grandmother’s small farm when he briefly left the house to check up on the animals, telling his grandmother: “Gran, I’m just going to the hen-house to see if everything is all right with the hens.”

Due to the strong gusts of wind, he took shelter under a tree when a beehive above him fell directly onto his head and broke, causing a swarm of angry bees to start stinging him repeatedly.

Felipe Silva do Rosario, 13, died after he was hit on the head by a bee hive at his grandfather’s farm in Santos, Brazil, on 22th May

Disorientated by the blow to the head, he tried to get up but fell over again, hitting his head again on a piece of wood.

The accident was seen by his seven-year-old brother, who tried to come to his help, but was beaten back by the swarm of bees.

He ran back inside the house to explain what had happened to his grandmother, who then called for an ambulance, which arrived on the scene 20 minutes later, due to the site’s difficult access.

Felipe was unconscious but alive when he was rescued and taken to hospital in the nearby municipality of Cubatao with head trauma.

However, he later succumbed to his injuries.

He was buried in the nearby municipality of Guaruja on 23rd May. The case is not being investigated. T4 / Newsflash


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