Buzzing In Car Stereo Was Colony Of Bees

A man was stunned to find a buzzing in his expensive new door speakers was caused by a colony of bees that had moved in and set up home there.

The incident took place in the city of Chengdu in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

The unnamed man reportedly left the car at a workshop for several weeks of repairs before going to collect it.

But after noticing that one of the speakers did not seem to be working and hearing a buzzing sound, he took the door apart and was shocked to discover a beehive had been built in the space.

Fortunately, he was not stung by any of the insects and was also able to share these images that show honeycomb filling the inside of the door speaker.

The car owner said the honey was “three or four layers thick”.

The car workshop has promised to replace the relevant parts and completely clean and deodorise the vehicle.

It is believed the bees were collected by a beekeeper and it was not revealed what happened to the honey that they had made in the door. T4/Newsflash


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