Women Show Stings From Bees On Truck

Two Chinese tollbooth operators regretted stopping this white truck carrying beehives after they both ended up getting stung on the face and body.

The incident took place on the Henan Anyang Nanlin high-speed expressway when the white truck was using the express toll booth which normally means they can pass through without stopping.

However, the staff routinely carry out spot checks on some vehicles and decided to stop this one to check the contents.

But as the young woman came alongside to take some pictures and check, she ended up being stung several times including one on the eye which left it looking swollen and closed.

Her colleague who came over to help also ended up being stung, before waving the white van on in order to get the bees away as quickly as possible.

The two women were praised for their devotion in stopping what was clearly going to be a difficult check.

It was not revealed if the owner of the beehives that failed to seal them properly will face any sanctions over improperly transporting the hives.



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