Man Finds Beehive With 80 Lbs Of Honey Behind Wall

This is the moment a Chinese homeowner discovers a huge beehive in a hole in the wall after an air conditioner was removed that allowed them to claim 80 lbs of honey.

The incident took place at a house in the city of Luoyang in the Chinese province of Henan on 23rd November.

According to the news site Weibo, Mr Zhang and his companions were carrying out reforms at the property when they removed the air conditioning unit from the wall.

To their surprise, they found a huge beehive in the cavity full of dripping honey and delicious honeycomb.

The group bought a beehive structure to house the thousands of bees on the patio so they can survive the winter in comfort.

They then started scraping away the hive behind the wall and said they removed 35.5 kilogrammes (78 lbs) of honey.

In the first video, Mr Zhang is seen sticking a blade into the hole and removing honey from the hive before tasting it in front of laughing pals.

Workers found giant honeycomb when dismantling air conditioner in Luoyang, China. (2197855345/AsiaWire)

The second clip shows the honeycomb they removed from the wall before a man shows his swollen hand after apparently receiving several stings.

The video then cuts to the outside hive they had assembled as the bee’s new home.

The third video shows the group heating up the honey to make it into a sticky liquid before pouring it into a bowl. T4 / Newsflash


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