Builder Finds Huge Honeycombs Under Demolished House

This is the moment a builder in south-east China gets a taste of the sweet life as he pulls a group of giant honeycombs from under a building he is demolishing.

The finder – identified as Mr Duan in media in Foshan, Guangdong Province – managed to extract six pounds of pure honey from his find.

Video footage of his discovery shows him pulling away a brick on 18th November to reveal the giant – and still very active – bee colony behind it.

As he pulls out the honeycombs furious bees can be seen buzzing around him but he seems oblivious to their stings.

Mr Duan said he later shared the delicious treat with his family and everyone loved it.

Other footage shows the dark honey he had managed to pour into a glass jar after extracting it with a shovel.

Mr Duan shared the videos of his surprising find on Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok.

User ‘Wuping Shifang’ commented: “Wow, I will pay 10 million for this honey.”

While ‘military song’ jokingly wrote: “For a little honey, the whole house got demolished.”

And user ‘smiling eyes are beautiful’ pleaded with Mr Duan to “catch the bees and bring them back.”


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