Beekeepers Club To Continue Workshops For Kids

An association of beekeepers in southwestern Germany has promised to prolong its educational programme as the organisation celebrates its 150th anniversary.

The Beekeepers Union of Muellheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg was founded in October 1872.

Reflecting on the club’s achievements at an event held to mark the occasion, president Michael Nutsch mentioned the organisation of the regional Baden Beekeeping Days in 2010 and earlier this year.

Nutsch – who heads the association since 2011 – also underlined the union’s determination to hold further editions of its Yellow Classroom lectures.

In these outdoor events, children from local schools learn about apiculture and the behaviour of honeybees.

Illustrative image of Muellheim, a town in Baden-Wrttemberg in southern Germany. (Bdell555, NewsX/Bee)

A girl, wearing a full-body protective suit as she attended such a workshop, told local broadcaster SWR: “I’m not really scared. But I do have a lot of respect. You can get stung.”

The Beekeepers Union of Muellheim – a town of 19,000 inhabitants a few kilometres from the border with France – has around 140 members. “Apiculture is the poetry of agriculture” is one of its mottos.

The association claims that the local environment is offering ideal conditions to beekeepers with the many cherry trees, white fir forests and the Rhine River.


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