Un-Bee-Lievably Skilled Policeman Finds Fans Worldwide

Viral Press, NewsX/Bee

Videos emerging on the internet give evidence of an Asian policeman’s astonishing skills with bees.

Narin Srimorakotmongkol is an officer for the police forces in the province of Phetchabun, Thailand.

Several short clips show Narin as he coolly scoops up dozens of honeybees with his bare hands. Apart from the medical facemask Narin wears in one sequence, the policeman abstains from wearing any protective equipment.

As the footage proves, Narin remains unfazed by the hundreds of insects despite some of them resting on his neck and eyelids.

Local media report that Narin – who raises the pollinators in his orchard – is frequently asked by residents of the region to remove colonies from their homes.

Narin explained: “At first, I was stung even while wearing a suit. However, I studied YouTube videos and learned from my experiences in dealing with the beehives.”

Viral Press, NewsX/Bee

The policeman warned anyone following his example without the essential knowledge.

He said: “People shouldn’t try to mimic me because bee handling requires a lot of expertise. If they would like to learn more, they could always visit my farm or my Facebook page.”

Narin – who sells the honey he is harvesting – proudly added that his apiculture activities had increased the number of fruit his trees were bearing.

Viral Press, NewsX/Bee


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