Apiarist And Boss Of Nearby Garden Centre Team Up To Support Charity

A beekeeper and the owner of a garden centre have decided to support a charitable cause with a special brand of honey.

Oliver Weber – a German apiarist based in Wedemark near Hanover, Lower Saxony – is now offering a limited edition of two different types of honey produced by honey-bee colonies of hives located at a local gardening centre.

Weber told the Echo newspaper how pleased he was pleased about the ongoing cooperation with Dolf Borgas, the chief of the adjacent Erlebnisgaertnerei Borgas gardening market.

The beekeeper said all surplus earnings from sales would go to a local charity organisation. Weber and Borgas are yet to decide which institution they will support this year.

Illustrative image of a bee on a flower, undated. (NewsX/Bee)

Weber said: “Supporting local biodiversity and protecting our environment is of great importance to both of us.”

Honey bees leave their hive around 80,000 times to create one kilogramme of honey. To achieve this, they are covering a distance of approximately 240,000 kilometres (150,000 miles).

Wedemark – which is located a few kilometres north of Hanover – has around 30,000 inhabitants.

There are around 170,000 beekeepers in Germany. For most of them, beekeeping is just a free-time activity. More than 9,400 of them live in Lower Saxony. Apiary is most popular in the Free State of Bavaria (33,400).


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