Italian Man Has Allergic Reaction To Bee Sting

This 28-year-old has tragically died after falling into a coma when he suffered an allergic reaction to a bee sting in his car.

Victim Lorenzo Di Grigoli, from Cammarata in the province of Agrigento, in the southern Italian region of Sicily, was in his car with his girlfriend when a bee flew into the vehicle through an open window and stung him.

He reportedly began to feel bad and his girlfriend, who has not been named in reports, helped him get to a nearby medical centre where he began to suffer from intense pain and breathing problems.

His condition, reportedly brought on by an allergic reaction, began to worsen and he was taken to the Sant’Elia hospital in Caltanissetta by helicopter.

Local media report he was intubated during the trip and arrived at the hospital in a serious condition.

He fell into a coma and doctors worked to save his life but he unfortunately died 48 hours later.

The Mayor of Cammarata, Vincenzo Giambrone, confirmed the tragic death and described Lorenzo as “a brilliant guy, full of life and a friend of everybody”.

T4 / CEN


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