Bees Arrest Thieves After Victim Hires Witch Doctor – FALSE

This photo has been widely published in African media claiming to show a real “sting operation” where a swarm of bees formed handcuffs around a thief’s wrist to arrest him after he robbed a house.

The unusual ‘sting’ operation which many online commentators seem to believe is true reportedly took place in the village of Sofia in the eastern Ugandan town of Busia, and both suspects ended up in police custody.

The robbed victim, identified as Rashida Jowelia, said that her TV was stolen from her home on 5th March.

Picture shows a swarm of bees forming handcuffs around a thief’s wrist after he robbed a house in Sofia village, Busia Town in eastern Uganda

She added that instead of reporting the incident to the police, she decided to hire the services of a ‘sangoma’ witch doctor in the village.

It is unclear how the two suspects were caught with the use of a swarm of bees, but villager Paul Bogere said: “I had never seen bees arresting thieves like it has happened today. They formed what appeared like a real handcuff on one of the suspects, while the other had a TV set stuck on his hands.”

The suspects have been named as Richard Duki and Wycliffe Kinara, both Kenyan citizens.

Police spokesperson Moses Mugwe confirmed that the TV was returned to the victim, and both suspects have been arrested.

The other man was found with his hands stuck to the TV when they were made to return it to the victim.

A photo apparently shows a swarm of bees around the other suspect’s wrists while in police custody.

Local businessman Juma Kazibwe said there has been a sharp rise in burglary cases and livestock rustling in the area, and that the arrest of the two suspects came as a relief to the village. T4/Newsflash


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