Beekeeping Isn’t Like Having A Pet Guinea Pig, Expert Warns

A beekeeping expert has warned anyone interested in keeping bees needs to obtain the knowledge before starting out.

Apiculture has become an attractive opportunity for many individuals in recent years as more and more people are trying to do their bit in ensuring balanced biodiversity.

Now the head of a cooperative of apiarists in northern Germany has warned beginners from giving it a go without learning the basics.

Edda Gebel – who chairs the Hamburg Association of Beekeepers – said: “Beekeeping isn’t the same as keeping a guinea pig. Apiculture means consistent education.”

Picture shows German Beekeepers Day Advertising, undated. Hamburg’s Beekeeping Association recently hosted the 66th Federal Conference of Beekeepers in Germany. (Deutscher Imkerbund e. V., NewsX/Bee)

Gebel underlined the “great responsibility” of anyone managing a hive. She said: “You need the knowledge.”

The association chief emphasised the many opportunities to book a seminar for beginners and disapproved of people trying their luck after ordering a colony of honeybees online.

Hamburg’s Beekeeping Association’s 1,000 members are in charge of around 5,300 colonies.

Apiculture has a long tradition in the city. Founded in 1906, the association consisted of nearly 200 members by 1925.

The organisation recently hosted the 66th Federal Conference of Beekeepers in Germany.


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