Driver Finds Jeep Filled With Thousands Of Wayward Bees

This is the moment a passing beekeeper removes a huge swarm of bees from inside a black Jeep after the owner left the vehicle unattended for 10 minutes to pop to the shops.

The incident took place in Lakemba, a suburb south-west of the city of Sydney, in the south-eastern Australian state of New South Wales.

The man, named as Rizwan Khan in local media reports, came back from the shops to find a crowd of people standing around his black Jeep.

He saw that they all had smart phones and were filming and taking pictures. That is when he realised why they were filming something in his car.

Khan’s jeep was full of thousands of bees after they somehow got inside his car in the matter of minutes.

An elderly man came up to him and said: “Do you want to give me the bees?”

Khan replied: “Of course, you can take them with you.”

Swarm of bees in the car of Rizwan Khan from Lakemba in Australia. (@KhanAarr/CEN)

The footage shows the elderly man apparently removing the bees with his bare hands.

The man is a local beekeeper, according to local media.

The elderly beekeeper put most of the bees into a box, allowing Khan to get back in his car.

Khan said he will be keeping the windows up when he goes to the shops from now on. T4 / CEN


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