US Cops Save Migrants After Bee Attack Crossing Border

US border agents have rescued a group of migrants including a mother who somehow lost her toddler daughter after a swarm of bees attacked them during a crossing into Texas.

Out of 12 migrants in total, four needed to be taken to a medical centre for treatment for the bee stings.

US Customs and Border Protection officials said one of those saved was the Honduran woman and her two-year-old daughter who became separated when the swarm of bees attacked them near the city of Penitas in the US state of Texas, near the border with Mexico.

Border agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector were carrying out a boat patrol on 15th September when they came across a group of migrants who had been attacked by bees while crossing the river.

The mother who was separated from her young daughter in the attack was stung multiple times and needed medical treatment.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents rescued group of migrants from a swarm of bees near Penitas, Texas. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection/Newsflash).

A rescue helicopter was sent to the scene and she was taken to a nearby hospital.

Before taking off, the woman told agents that she was with her toddler daughter who got separated during the bee attack.

Border agents promptly found the two-year-old girl in good health with another group of migrants nearby.

All are expected to recover from the attack.

This year, Rio Grande Valley agents have reportedly rescued over 1,000 migrants in the sector.

US Customs and Border Protection officials in Rio Grande Valley have urged migrants to not risk their lives by attempting to illegally enter the US.

Last week, border agents found two abandoned infants at Rio Grande.

Agents on a boat patrol found the children on a riverbank and took the girl, aged two, and three-month-old baby boy, both Honduran, for processing after they did not need any medical attention.

A search for other group members in the area proved fruitless and it is unclear what happened to their parents. T4/Newsflash


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