Record Attendance At Botanic Garden Linz

A botanical garden in Austria which offers lectures and workshops regarding bees registered more visitors last year than ever before, it has emerged.

The Botanic Garden of Linz was attended by around 100,000 people in 2022, according to its general director, Thomas Schiefecker.

The institution – which features more than 10,000 different plant species – is the location of more than 100 events such as concerts and exhibitions each year.

On 5th May, there will be a three-hour workshop for children about how to build a nesting place for solitary bees. Starting at 3pm, kids aged seven and older are invited to join in.

Illustrative image of a botanical garden in Linz, Austria, undated. A botanical garden in Austria which offers lectures and workshops regarding bees has registered more visitors than ever before last year, it has emerged. (NewsX/Bee)

On 1st July, a special tour focusing on the various solitary bee species which inhabit the botanical garden organised by Gudrun Fuß starts at 10am.

While the western honeybee (Apis mellifera) is probably the best-known type of bee, the various solitary bees such as carpenter bees and leafcutter bees play an important role too due to their intense pollination engagement.

The Botanic Garden of Linz comprises 4,2 hectares which is the equivalent of six football pitches. It was officially opened in 1952. However, there had been a botanic garden at a different location in the Upper Austrian city between 1853 and 1871.

Adults are charged EUR 3,70 (GBP 3,30) while a family ticket costs EUR 6,50 (GBP 5,80). The botanical garden also offers annual passes for individuals (EUR 30, GBP 27) and families (EUR 48,50, GBP 43).

With 94,000 visitors, 2019 had been the institution’s previous record year.

Linz is the regional capital of Upper Austria and the third-biggest city in Austria. It has around 207,000 inhabitants.


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