Quebec Apiarist Registers ‘Great Interest’ In Sponsorship Project

A Canadian beekeeper who offers hive mentorships has admitted he is overwhelmed by the response of local business leaders.

Olivier Allard manages the Mellonia apiary in Alma, a town in Quebec.

Reflecting on the first one and a half years of the initiative, he said: “So far, I’m really happy with the outcome. There is great interest.”

Olivier’s project enables enterprises to stabilise biodiversity and ensure the pollination of plants and flowers by sponsoring one or several of his beehives.

Olivier Allard speaks in undated footage. He manages the Mellonia apiary in Alma, a town in Quebec. (NewsX/Bee)

Speaking to Radio Canada, Olivier revealed: “Several important regional companies have come on board.”

A fashion chain, a financial firm and a school are among his latest sponsors.

The annual sponsorship of one hive costs around CAD 3,000 (EUR 2,065, GBP 1,770), according to Radio Canada.

At the end of the harvesting season, Olivier provides all participants with honey. However, the project also allows employees and schoolchildren to attend workshops organised by the Mellonia chief.

In 2021, around 13,100 residents of Canada engaged in beekeeping. The number of apiaries rose from just 3,300 in 2011 to 4,900 in 2021.


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