Flight Cancelled After Massive Bee Swarm Invades Plane

This is the moment a flight is cancelled on the tarmac after a passenger plane was overwhelmed by a huge swarm of bees.

The LATAM airlines plane – from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo in Brazil – had been scheduled to take off at 10.30am on 17th January.

But as passengers were getting ready to board, the swarm settled on the aircraft’s port wing near one of the engines.

Safety officials finally cancelled the flight after 1pm when it became clear that the bees would not budge.

LATAM said the flight had to be cancelled for safety reasons and that all affected passengers had been put on alternative flights.

A swarm of bees on the wing of a plane in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil, on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023. The flight was cancelled and the aircraft taken in for maintenance. (CEN )

It is not clear if beekeepers had to be called in to remove the swarm.

It is similarly unclear where the bees had come from and why they had settled on the plane.

Bees usually swarm when the queen leaves the hive for a new home and settles with the rest of the bees around her while she waits for the new location.


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