Biker Chased By Swarm Of Angry Bees Crash Into Pole

This motorcyclist has died after he crashed his bike into a pole and was attacked by a swarm of angry bees.

The incident took place in the city of Araucaria in the southern Brazilian state of Parana.

The victim, who has been named as Vinicius ‘Viny’ Silva, 30, was reportedly heading out on his motorbike to enjoy the day with a ride.

But while travelling along the PR-423 road, the motorcyclist reportedly lost control and hit a pole at speed.

The fire department reportedly said that there was a beehive located nearby and the insects attacked Viny’s motionless body. It is currently unclear if the victim was already dead when the bees attacked him.

Vinicius Silva known as Viny who died after hitting a tree and being attacked by a swarm of bees in Curitiba, Brazil. (@eii_vinaa/Newsflash)

This reportedly prevented people at the scene from tending to the victim, as they were too busy scaring away the insects in a desperate bid to make them leave him alone.

The victim, who worked in a vehicle shop, reportedly posted on social media just two hours before crashing that he was going to enjoy the day with a motorcycle ride.

One of his friend reportedly wrote on social media: “I can’t believe it, brother, may God welcome you with open arms, you were light wherever you went, it was a pleasure to have been your friend and have shared good times with you.

“We never imagined that a fatality could happen, today we went through this and I can’t believe it, so young, healthy, thriving in life, and everything ends here, but I’m sure that God has bigger things for you, in Jesus’ name, rest in peace.” T4/Newsflash


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