German Finance Minister Might Become A Beekeeper

A German government minister has admitted he is seriously considering plans to take up beekeeping.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner said at a platform discussion in Hanover: “I’ve always enjoyed spending my time outside.

“To me, learning something new that has to do with nature is a workout for the mind.”

Lindner told journalists of news website Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland – which hosted the event – that he was currently practising to earn Germany’s basic horse-riding badge.

The head of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) added: “And let me tell you one thing: beekeeping is next.”

Picture shows German Finance Minister Christian Lindner, undated.
(Federal Ministry of Finance, Photothek, NewsX/BF)

Lindner previously obtained a hunting licence and a fishing permit.

The FDP has been under fire over an alleged lack of enthusiasm regarding the protection of the environment.

Lindner recently suggested withdrawing the planned shutdown of Germany’s three remaining operating nuclear power plants.

The finance minister argued such a move could help slow down the immense rise in energy costs.

Lindner’s ideas were rejected by the Greens who are part of Germany’s three-party federal government.

There are around 170,000 beekeepers in Germany. For most of them, beekeeping is just a free-time activity.


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