Cops Find Drugs And A Gun In Bee Hive

This is the moment Turkish cops find 228 grammes of cannabis and an unlicensed gun in a beehive after they were sniffed out by a police dog.

The incident took place in Teknepinar in the district of Canik located in the northern Turkish province of Samsun.

The operation was carried out with the use of drones and members of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Bureau.

Based on intelligence they had received, the police came to search the suspect’s property and were inspecting his outside storage area where he kept his beehive.

The police grew suspicious when the owner anxiously told them: “Don’t open that, the queen bee is in there.”

Instead, the police sent over Sam the sniffer dog to inspect the hive.

When Sam signalled that drugs were probably inside the hive, the police searched it and reportedly seized 228 grammes (8 ounces of cannabis), an unlicenced gun, and seven cartridges.

The property owner, identified as A.Y., has been arrested for drug trafficking as the investigation continues.



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