Brazilian Singer And Family Surrounded By Swarm Of Stingless Bees

A Brazilian pop star has stunned her fans by posting a video of her whole family being surrounded by thousands of stingless bees.

Ivete Sangalo – one of the country’s most popular singers – posted the clip on Instagram by commenting “We love the bees!”

@ivetesangalo, @polendourado, NewsX/Bee

The video shows the singer, her husband Daniel Cady, 37, and their four-year-old twin daughters Helena and Marina sitting right next to a busy colony.

The short clip was taken at the Meliponario Polen Dourado, a breeding centre for melipona, a genus of stingless bees, in Mata de Sao Joao in the State of Bahia.

Sangalo revealed earlier this year that she had taken up beekeeping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a conversation on her television hit series ‘Onda Boa com Ivete’ – in which she teams up with other artists to make music and exchange experiences – the Latin Grammy Award laureate said: “I think we’ve now got around 8,000 bees. I tell Daniel what to do all the time while he just tells me that I’m his queen bee.”

Brazilian singer Ivete Sengalo with family playing with stingless bees in a meliponary – a space for breeding stingless bees – in Praia do Forte, on the north coast of Bahia in Brazil, undated. In the image, Ivete appears alongside her husband, nutritionist Daniel Cady, and their daughters – Marina and Helena. (@ivetesangalo, @polendourado, NewsX/Bee)

Sangalo – who has released eight studio albums and three live records since 1999 – underlined: “Bees help to produce 70 per cent of our food.”

The singer-songwriter has nearly 35 million followers on Instagram. Her melipona swarm video posting quickly garnered more than 390,000 likes.

One user commented “What a cute infestation!” while numerous others posted heart-shaped emojis.

Melipona are stingless pollinators which prefer habitats with warm conditions. They are common in several areas of Central and South America.


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