Man Seized Trafficking 900lbs Of Illegal Honey

A man trying to smuggle nearly 900lbs of honey into Germany was seized by police at Stuttgart Airport.

The 57-year-old suspect had reportedly brought the sweet stuff from Turkey and did not have veterinary or customs documents.

His haul was discovered at the Stuttgart Airport bus terminal.

In a statement from the Main Customs Office in Stuttgart dated 25th November they said: “At the end of October, customs officials stopped the import of more than 400 kilogrammes [882 lbs] of honey at the bus terminal of Stuttgart Airport.

“The goods, which consisted of both liquid honey in canisters and honeycombs, were transported from Turkey to Germany by coach.

“When the collector was approached by customs officials about the delivery of the goods, the man explained that he wanted to resell the honey.”

Image shows some of the honey combs that were seized by customs in Stuttgart, Germany, undated photo. Officers seized more than 400 kilogrammes (882 lbs) of honey in October, 2022. (Hauptzollamt Stuttgart/Newsflash)

The German authorities said that the man collecting the goods was unable to present any official documents.

They said: “The 57-year-old was unable to present an invoice, proof of customs clearance or the required veterinary documents for the sweet cargo.”

The customs office also said that tax duties had not been paid, adding: “Customs then initiated criminal tax proceedings against the man and seized the goods, which cost around EUR 2,500 [GBP 2,150].”

It was unclear at the time of writing if the goods had to be destroyed.


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