Balearic Beekeepers Receive Seeds For Free

Agricultural experts in Mallorca have started to hand out thousands of kilos of seeds to beekeepers free of charge to prevent another weak year of honey harvest.

Officials at the Palma-based Institute for Research and Training in Agri-Food and Fisheries of the Balearic Islands (IRFAP) announced that apiarists on the Balearic Islands – which are an autonomous community in the Mediterranean – would receive 4,050 kilogrammes of four different kinds of seeds in the coming weeks.

IRFAP chief Georgina Brunet Rodenas said that the measure had been put in place as a reaction to last season’s poor harvesting results. If it helps to improve the situation, the project could return in the coming years, Brunet added.

Illustrative image of bees, undated. (NewsX/Bee)

The IRFAP director explained: “The disappearance of certain forage crops and the effects of climate change have led to a deficit of pollen. Honeybees are often undernourished and prone to diseases and parasites as a consequence.”

Members of the Balearic Islands’ five beekeeping associations will receive 1,725 kilogrammes of vetches, 1,175 kilogrammes of rapeseed, 725 kilogrammes of French honeysuckle seeds and 425 kilogrammes of phacelia seeds.

IRFAP agronomist Dr Jaume Jaume said the institute has been closely cooperating with beekeepers over which measure could help to improve their difficult circumstances.

Dr Jaume said: “We eventually decided to offer seeds. Bees are suffering from the lack of blossoms caused by climate change, especially in spring and autumn.”

Speaking about which seeds made it on the list, the agronomist explained: “There have been no issues with the cultivation of the seeds we eventually chose. No technological adaptions will be necessary. They all blossom in spring.”

Spain is Europe’s leading producer of honey. The country’s beekeepers are managing almost three million hives, according to the European Commission.


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  • I appreciate the good news.
    Where can beekeepers pick up some kilos of seeds?
    I have a big field in front of my beehives that can be prepared for seeding.

  • Hello Bert, thanks for your comment. If you are based in the Balearics, you can contact the institution mentioned in the article – Institut de Recerca i Formació Agroalimentària i Pesquera de les Illes Balears (IRFAP). Kind regards from the NewsX office.

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