Over 150 Children Injured After Agitating Bees

More than 150 children needed medical treatment after being attacked by a swarm of bees they had allegedly agitated in the yard of a school in South Africa.

Overall, 161 children needed immediate treatment of their “minor to moderate injuries” after the incident at the premises of Matlapeng Primary School in Soshanguve, a township situated 30 kilometres (19 miles) north of Pretoria.

Shawn Herbst is a spokesman for the regional rescue services.

He said: “It is believed that the swarm of bees turned into a cloud and attacked the pupils in the courtyard and those walking to class.

“Medics assessed the children and found that approximately 161 children had sustained minor to moderate injuries from exposure to bee stings.

Illustrative image shows a bee hive, undated. (NewsX/Bee)

“All the patients were treated on scene and once stabilised, they were transported to hospital.”

It was not revealed what type of bees were involved in the incident.

While the domesticated western honeybee produces honey in hives, solitary bees – or wild bees – such as the carpenter bee burrow into hard plant material such as dead trees to build nests.

Wild bees do not produce beeswax or honey. However, they are essential to the environment due to their pollinating activity.

Carpenter bees are often taken for bumblebees due to their similar body structure.


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