Germany Hit By Harsh Honey Price Hike

Shoppers in Germany are confronted with immense price rises as a check reveals that the price of honey has soared by nearly a third within a week.

News website FOCUS Online found that customers have to pay 30 per cent more for the product not just in the country’s leading supermarkets but also in discount stores.

REWE currently charges EUR 4.39 (GBP 3.84) for its 500-gramme Bio Vielbluetenhonig organic honey bottle while 250 grammes of Langnese Flotte Biene organic honey are priced at EUR 3.49 (GBP 3.06).

Six 500-gramme jars of fairtrade honey cost EUR 26.34 (GBP 23.07) at discounter Netto. Rival Aldi offers 500 grammes of conventional Goldland honey for just EUR 2.99 (GBP 2.62).

FOCUS Online’s investigation also shows that the price of sugar jumped by a whopping 65 per cent within a week.

The cheapest one-kilogramme packet of sugar currently costs EUR 1.29 (GBP 1.13), according to the news platform.

Illustrative image of a honey in jar, undated. (NewsX/Bee)

Ketchup now costs 50 per cent more than one week ago, the news platform reports.

Significant price hikes have also been registered for cookies and apple juice which now cost 20 and 25 per cent more respectively.

Russia’s war against Ukraine and its effect on international stock markets are widely considered as being the main force behind increasing prices for cereal, oil and gas, animal food and various consumer goods.

Germany is home to around 170,000 beekeepers. However, a substantial part of the honey on supermarket shelves originates from other European Union (EU) member states and non-EU countries.


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