German Beekeeper In Majorca Calls On Fellow Expats To Join Him

A Majorca-based German beekeeper is encouraging his fellow expats to follow his example.

Beekeeping has been Jörg Laube’s passion for decades.

The 61-year-old did not want to abandon beekeeping when he moved to the Balearic island in 2018.

Referring to climate-induced shifts in the harvesting season, Jörg told the Mallorca Zeitung newspaper: “The circumstances here are different in many regards. You have to adapt.”

The hobbyist beekeeper – who was taught the trade by his dad – reveals that he had to make significant rearrangements regarding the bee species he is working with.

This illustrative image is said to show Apis mellifera iberiensis or the Spanish bee, undated.

Jörg explains: “The domestic Apis mellifera iberiensis, or Spanish bee, became more and more aggressive, so I decided to introduce the Buckfast bee.”

The Buckfast bee is a breed developed by late German-born monk Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey in Devon in the United Kingdom.

Jörg says the Buckfast bee turned out to be highly reliable and assiduous after having adapted to the climate on the island.

Speaking to the Mallorca Zeitung, Jörg said compatriots based on the island who were interested in beekeeping should give it a go.

He said: “Anyone considering managing three or four colonies must brace for costs of less than 1,000 Euros (GBP 865). Given that you have sufficient space, I can fully recommend it.”

One colony consists of 20,000 to 50,000 bees and has the potential to produce up to 25 kilograms of honey per year.

However, the German beekeeper also underlined the importance of considering local regulations.

Jörg explained: “Unlike in Germany, you must not set up hives in public places. It is prohibited by Majorcan law.

“Especially farmers strictly oppose a change to this restriction. There have been cases of swarms of bees attacking them as they were steering their tractors.”

The insects get irritated by the engine’s noise and vibration, according to the experienced beekeeper.

Jörg recently started initiating regular meetings of Majorca-based German beekeepers to create an exchange of experiences and ideas.

This illustrative image is said to show a Buckfast bees colony, undated.

He said: “Five people attended the first gathering I organised back in May. We were a group of eight at our meeting earlier this month.”

Jörg and his wife live in Llucmajor, a city in southeastern Majorca.

The Balearic island has been one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans for decades. The Balearic islands of Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera came third in a survey regarding vacation in the summer of this year.

However, many Germans have also settled down in Majorca.

Around 19,000 of the island’s 924,000 residents are Germans. Another estimated 16,000 Germans possess secondary residences on the picturesque Mediterranean island.


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