Cylindric Hive Concept Praised As ‘Incredible’ By Biologist

A South American scientist has praised a German startup’s innovative approach to beekeeping as “fascinating.”

Philip Potthast and Fabian Wischmann have caused a stir ever since establishing their own company, Hiive, in Teltow near Berlin two years ago.

Philipp and Fabian said they have been inspired by the shape of tree trunks in developing their cylindrical-shaped hives.

The entrepreneurs- who have more than 2,100 followers on Instagram – are convinced that their invention’s clay and wood cover works perfectly when it comes to protecting a honeybee colony from wind and rain.

NewsX has asked a renowned expert from Argentine to evaluate the endeavour.

Picture shows Philip Potthast (left) and Fabian Wischmann (right), undated. They founded their startup, Hiive, in Teltow on the southeastern outskirts of Berlin in 2021. (NewsX/Bee)

Octavio Re – who is a biologist and beekeeper in Mallin in Argentine’s central Cordoba province – called the German entrepreneurs’ project “fascinating.”

Octavio told NewsX: “I think the materials of this new system are ingenious. The physical and chemical properties of the clay are perfect.”

He added: “I have seen populations in trees on many occasions. That’s why the format of this new hive seems incredible to me. It is an interpretation of nature.

“I would use this new method without any doubt. I find it incredible.”

Octavio told NewsX he would focus on studying the differences between a normal hive and the Hiive concept.

He concluded: “It’s possibly not the best for producing honey, but I do believe in a potential for pollination activities.


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