Bee Swarm Interrupts Wedding Ceremony

A wedding took a chaotic turn when a swarm of bees suddenly descended upon the guests.

The incident – which has been captured in a clip posted on social media – unfolded at a ceremony in Okija, southeastern Nigeria.

In the video, several guests can be seen leaving the venue as they try to fend off the insects with their hands or pieces of clothing.

An elderly man in need of a walking stick can be seen slowly leaving while numerous younger individuals depart at a quicker pace.

Some attendees scream and fall over as they desperately try to get away.

However, the person filming the occurrences from behind the deejay’s desk tries to laugh the trouble away.

None of the wedding guests sustained serious injuries. Local newspapers report that they were able to regroup a bit later and carry on with the festivities.

The incident sparked heated debates on the internet, where viewers argued that the bees must have simply been provoked by all the commotion.

However, some netizens attributed the pollinators’ assault to the Gods of the Igbo people – who are an ethnic Nigerian group – being angered by the couple’s decision to stage their wedding on a sacred day.

The newlyweds reportedly held the ceremony on a special market day even though numerous residents urged them to abstain from doing so.


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