Bee-Smuggling Attempt Foiled At Turkish Border

Picture shows the 1,100 bees hidden in 110 wooden boxes seized by customs at the Sarp Customs Gate in Turkey, undated. The suspect was subjected to a detailed body search. (General Directorate of Customs Enforcement, NewsX/Bee)

Turkish border guards have prevented an attempt to smuggle more than 1,000 honeybees into the country.

Customs officials in Sarp at the Turkish-Georgian border decided to carry out a closer inspection of a male individual after he passed x-ray and metal detector checks.

They discovered that the man – whose name and nationality were withheld – had dozens of wooden boxes strapped to his body. Overall, he tried to bring 1,100 worker bees and one queen bee into the country, according to local media.

State prosecutors in Hopa have taken over the investigation. The alleged smuggler was released after being questioned. His motive was not yet disclosed by the authorities.


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