Young Boy’s Face Swells After Being Repeatedly Stung By Bees

This footage shows how a young boy’s face became extremely swollen after being repeatedly stung by bees when he poked their hive.

The young boy got stung by bees after he poked the bee hive when he went to the countryside in the town of Zigong, in south-western China’s Sichuan province.

The boy’s mother, who has not been named. had taken him to the countryside to play, according to local media.

But the curious boy poked the bee hive with a stick and was stung by at least three bees as a result.

The video footage shows the young boy’s swollen face, after the bees stung him.

They appear to have mainly focused on the right side of his face. His right eye and cheek, and the right side of his lips, all look extremely swollen.

Chinese Social media users’ comments were mixed, most calling him “bear face boy”.

A netizen called ‘Dreamlike dawn’ commented: “Can’t stop laughing when I see that mouth.”

While a netizen called ‘Everything starts from 0’ said: “The bee’s home is demolished, and the bee stung him to get revenge.”

A netizen called ‘Dr xiao-mei honghuayuan store’ recommended an unconventional cure, saying: “Get some breast milk and put it on, it will go away in a few hours.”

While a netizen called ‘All the way north’ said: “Baby, you’ve ruined the life of the bees.”

The boy, who has not been named, is said to be doing much better. His mother, also unnamed, said that he had been given medicine and had almost recovered.

T4 / AsiaWire


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