Bee Expert Concerned About ‘Erratic’ Weather

A renowned entomologist has warned of the devastating effect “erratic” weather conditions induced by climate change are having on flora and fauna.

US American entomologist and biologist Dr Jeff Pettis said at the European Congress of Beekeepers that recently took place in Quimper, France: “With climate change, the big issues are the erratic weather, rain patterns and drought. In certain places, the plants had been used to a certain temperature. Now it is rising. Hot dry summers mean a lack of flowers.”

Dr Pattis – who heads Apimondia, an international association of apiarists – underlined that honeybees and other insects were at risk of starving to death in such conditions.

Picture shows Dr. Jeff Pettis in undated footage. He is a US American entomologist and biologist. (NewsX/Bee)

The expert on insects also stressed the negative impact of summertime blazes as experienced in large parts of Europe and North America in recent years.

Dr Pattis said: “The fires are a problem. They come sporadically and we lose hives directly from flooding and fires.”

The entomologist also urged farmers to plant diverse crops instead of focusing on a single type that might strongly depend on the application of pesticides.


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